Academic Activity


  • Nov 2023: Our invited session proposal for JSM 2024 - Amortized learning for environmental data using neural networks - has been accepted!
  • Aug 2023: I was a participant at the ForceSMIP Hackathon at NCAR (Boulder, CO).
  • Aug 2023: Co-organized oral session at the Ecological Society of America (ESA 2023) Annual Meeting, Portland, on The Future of Fire: sociocultural and biophysical contexts for fire stewardship under climate change. [Recording]
  • Aug 2023: Organized topic contributed sesion at JSM 2023, Toronto, on Advances in computational methods for large spatial data.
  • Jun 2023: Organized invited session at IISA 2023, Golden (CO), on Methods and computing for large spatial data.

//presentations & guest lectures

  • Sep 2023: Talk at the Extreme Disturbances and Climate Change in the Southeast US workshop. The Future of Fire. [Slides][Recording]
  • Aug 2023: Talk at JSM 2023, Toronto. Topic contributed session on The IMSI Confronting Global Climate Change Program. [Slides]
  • Jun 2023: Talk at IISA 2023, Golden (CO). Invited session on Advances in Extreme Value Analysis.
  • Jun 2023: Talk at the ICSA Applied Statistics Symposium, Ann Arbor (MI). Invited session on New developments in spatial extremes modeling.
  • May 2023: Poster at the 2023 Clemson Climate Extremes Workshop, Clemson University. [Poster]
  • Mar 2023: Guest lecture for Spatial statistics and image analysis (STAT 625), UMBC, 2023. The Vecchia approximation for large spatial data. [Slides]
  • Mar 2023: Bayesian bootcamp (with Eric Yanchenko) for the Astrostatistics interest group, NCSU, 2023. [Slides]
  • Dec 2022: Talk for invited session at CMStatistics 2022, London. [Slides]
  • Dec 2022: Guest lecture for Bayesian inference (ST 740), NCSU. Variational Bayes for latent variable models. [Slides]
  • Oct 2022: Talk at the Climate and Weather Extremes workshop, Institute of Mathematical and Statistical Innovation (IMSI). [Recording]
  • Aug 2022: Talk for topic contributed session, JSM 2022, Washington DC